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2021-09-06 - IMG_7665_edited_zoomedin.jpg


People often ask me how long I’ve been painting, and I typically give one of two answers: “I’ve always been painting,” which is true because we all paint as children, or if I’m feeling less cheeky, I say “since high school,” because that’s when I began actively choosing to create art. Although I majored in mathematics and served as the physics tutor in college, I also studied drawing, painting, photography, theatre, and music. It has always been natural to me to live between the worlds of abstract thought and the arts.

As a teenager, I took an interest in theoretical physics. I was fascinated by the role of consciousness in quantum mechanics and the mysteries of general relativity. After college, I spent a few years teaching and then took off to California to pursue a master’s degree studying philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness. During that time, my paintings took on more evolutionary, interplanetary, and environmental themes.

I returned to New England to design the mathematics, science, and technology departments of a new high school and soon found myself back in graduate school for mathematics education and working as a curriculum and instructional materials designer in mathematics and computer science—a position I continue to enjoy. My first official, out-of-home, artist studio was in the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, and I now have a studio in Boston’s SoWa Art + Design district.

Currently, I’m in graduate school yet again studying physics, and many of my recent pieces include notes, ideas, or exercises from my studies in quantum mechanics. In my spare time, I garden, keep bees, ride a dual sport motorcycle, and study the circus arts of hand balancing and aerial straps. I enjoy being out in nature and finding ways to integrate my various interests into art making.

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